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Market Research

Stock market research is the act of studying companies and industries, influencing trends and fallouts to prepare an in-depth research report advising investors on the merits and demerits of investing within a certain company.

Mathematical Calculation

Mathematical calculations on stock market  shows  how to calculate return, leverage, risk, fundamental and technical analysis problems, price, volume, momentum and future expectations on stock price.

Fundamental Analysis

Security analysis that seeks to detect misvalued securities through an analysis of the firm’s business prospects. Research often focuses on earnings, dividend prospects, expectations for future interest rates, and risk evaluation of the firm. Antithesis of technical analysis. In macroeconomic analysis, information such as interest rates, GNP, inflation, unemployment, and inventories is used to predict the direction of the economy, and therefore the stock market. In microeconomic analysis, information such as balance sheet, income statement, products, management, and other market items is used to forecast a company’s imminent success or failure, and hence the future price action of the stock.

Technical Analysis

the past movement of the stocks is analyzed to predict the price movement in the future. The charts of the stocks along with various time frames are plotted to understand the movement of the scrip and to identify the trend. The trend is an important concept in fundamental analysis and it is always advisable to trade with the trend or to trade in the direction of the trend. The trend can be up-trend, down trend or flat-trend. In case of an uptrend it is advisable to go long as the price of the stock is expected to go high. In case of a down trend the trader is advised to “short” as the price of the stock is expected to go down.


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We provide analysis based future idea about stock market. stock market is fully mathematical calculation and we work with it. we make decisions by fundamental and technical analysis.


Our Goal

Maximum investors in our country think that technical analysis does not work in the stock market. we would like to prove the use of  technical analysis worked in our market, want to give technical analysis ideas and technical education to the investors of our country. to make investors aware and help to avoid any rumors  or news. We always encourage analysis based investment.

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